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Retaining Wall Installation Process

While their primary purposes are to hold soil and protect a building’s foundation, retaining walls can also add visual interest to your outdoor space. Retaining walls can be built from precast concrete blocks, wood, concrete, or armor stone.

GTA Sunrise is a reputable retaining wall contractor you can entrust with building retaining walls of any type and complexity. We always do our best to bring our clients’ ideas to life, ensuring a safe and sturdy construction.

We start with preparing a solid base, which is the key step in every retaining wall project. Once the base is ready, we get down to building the wall itself. 

Depending on the type of retaining wall, there are many factors to take into account for the construction to be steady and serve you for decades. For example, we add clear gravel to backfill the wall to ensure proper drainage. Also, we always make sure that the reinforcement grid directs pressure downwards and not against blocks or timber.

Our technicians have years of experience delivering commercial and residential services and know all the ins and outs of constructing a durable retaining wall. 

Types of Retaining Walls We Are Experts In

Interlocking Step

Armor Stone Retaining Wall

Armor stone is a popular choice for retaining walls, known for its high integrity and aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you’re looking to build a wall out of armor stone, we can help you. As experienced retaining wall contractors, we can assist you in selecting quality materials and building a robust wall according to your design. 

Concrete Retaining Wall

Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools and skills to construct concrete retaining walls. While concrete is usually chosen for its strength and durability, it can also become a stylish addition to your yard — concrete can be smooth, stained, veneered, or carved. Experienced technicians at our retaining wall company can help you build a concrete wall from scratch — from recommending the best layout to project completion. 

Wooden Retaining Wall

If you prefer the natural look of wood to masonry and concrete, we can help you construct a visually appealing and sturdy wall out of wood. Our skilled technicians can consult you on the type of wood that best suits your needs, install robust footing and timber deadmen, and build the wall from lumber boards, firmly fastening them with screws, spikes, or rebar. 

Precast Block Retaining Wall

If you’re searching for reliable contractors to help you build a precast block wall in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, contact us. We have built numerous retaining walls in Toronto and GTA, including precast block walls, both cantilever and gravity retaining walls. From choosing the best precast blocks through preparing the base to finishing your wall, we’ll work closely with you to meet all your needs and expectations.

Retaining Wall Repair Services

No matter the material, retaining walls require periodic maintenance since they aren’t wholly immune to soil pressure and the elements. Unfortunately, natural wear and tear can significantly reduce their lifespan. Besides, poor installation, drainage issues, and improper materials used in construction also contribute to damages.

While you can slow down the deterioration of a wall by regularly removing the weeds around your wall to prevent them from expanding and creating gaps and shifts, some cases call for professional assistance. 

If you notice any of the following signs, don’t delay contacting retaining wall contractors to address the issues before they have grown into significant problems:

  • A tilted wall
  • A wall separating from the main structure
  • Crumbling pavers
  • Noticeable cracks

The sooner you spot a problem and call a retaining wall repair company, the less expensive the job will be. We are trusted retaining wall contractors in Toronto who can help you solve your landscaping issues promptly and efficiently. 

Retaining Wall Contractors in Toronto

If you are looking for retaining wall companies to help you build or repair a retaining wall, GTA Sunrise is at your service. We are a reputable landscaping company specializing in building and maintaining retaining walls. Our contractors work on projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

The retaining wall team at GTA Sunrise has worked on multiple projects, and we take pride in our well-deserved reputation in the field. We provide services to homeowners, developers, and local authorities, and can build a robust cantilever or gravity retaining wall to prevent soil erosion, stabilize slopes, and enhance the overall safety and aesthetics of the landscape. If you have questions concerning retaining wall projects, please call us at 647-905-7999 or email us at

With reliable retaining wall contractors like GTA Sunrise, building a reinforced retaining wall or repairing any type of wall is as easy as 1-2-3. Just give us a call to book an appointment. Our landscaping surveyor will arrive at your place to examine your yard, determine the amount of work and materials needed, and provide a quote. As soon as you approve the quote, we’ll start the project.

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