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A permeable driveway is an excellent solution to ensure that your front yard remains free from surface water in any weather. We are trusted permeable paving contractors working in Toronto and the GTA.

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Permeable Driveway Contractor in Toronto & GTA

GTA Sunrise is a trusted landscaping services provider in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Among other services, we offer permeable paving installation. We can install permeable pavers on your driveway to ensure robust durability combined with the ability to effectively control storm water.

Permeable pavers are installed on a clear granular base that accumulates water, slowly draining it into the ground. Permeable pavers prevent pooling and flooding, which often result in erosion. If you’re looking to create a durable, environmentally friendly, and safe driveway, permeable interlock pavers can be your way to go.

Permeable Patios and Walkways

With more and more space being covered with paving, storm water slowly works its way into the water system instead of naturally soaking into the ground. To prevent pooling and flooding that can result from too much paving in your yard, consider building your patio and walkways out of permeable pavers.

Skilled specialists at GTA Sunrise have installed permeable pavers on multiple patios and walkways in Toronto and the surrounding areas, leaving all the customers happy and satisfied. If you need an experienced team to help you design and build a visually appealing and robust permeable patio or walkway, contact us.

Benefits of Permeable Driveway

In addition to looking natural, permeable interlock pavers are a perfect solution to control erosion. They’re also highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy traffic, which makes them ideal for driveways.

However, the primary benefit of installing a permeable driveway is storm water control. Permeable pavers help set up a more natural hydrologic process by trapping and turning precipitation into groundwater faster, preventing surface water runoff, which makes them a more eco-friendly choice.

Furthermore, compared to traditional pavers, permeable pavers require less de-icing products or salt in the cold season.

Permeable Driveways

Front Yard Parking Pads

Parking pads provide extra convenience, especially if you don’t have a garage or driveway. Moreover, installing a parking pad is sure to increase your property’s value. However, the combination of heavy precipitation and a hard surface leads to more water making its way into the storm water system and overwhelming it, resulting in flooded basements and compromised water quality in the region. 

To minimize these effects, the City of Toronto allows front yard parking pads on the condition that they are paved with permeable material.

If you’re looking to apply for a parking pad permit in the City of Toronto, we can help. Our experienced technicians can build an eco-friendly parking pad out of permeable pavers to minimize water runoff to the sewer system.

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