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Heated Driveway Installation Process

After preparing a base, our technicians install electric heating elements or hydronic systems. After testing the heated driveway system to ensure it works as it should, we cover the driveway with concrete, interlocking bricks, or asphalt.

When the hydronic tubing or electric heating system beneath the driveway surface heats up, the heat transfers to the driveway, melting snow and ice. 

Heated Driveway Services

Hydronic Heated Driveways

We specialize in installing hydronic heated driveways. This type of heated driveway system uses a boiler, which heats the mixture of water and glycol, and manifolds, which circulate the liquid through the piping beneath the driveway. In most cases, the source for heating is an electrical boiler, but natural gas, wood, and oil-fired boilers can also be used.

The heat generated by a hydronic snow melting system can efficiently melt snow and ice. Keep in mind that a hydronic heating system can’t be installed into an existing driveway — it requires building a new driveway from scratch.

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Electrical Heated Driveways

Experienced technicians at GTA Sunrise can install an electric radiant heating system. Electric systems produce radiant heat by circulating electricity through heating cables buried in the driveway. 

Many homeowners choose to install snow-melting cables due to lower installation costs. Unlike hydronic systems, you won’t need to invest in boilers and manifolds. However, the operating costs of a hydronic system are usually lower. 

We can also retrofit your existing driveway with an electric snow-melting system — our specialists do this by cutting snow-melting cables into the driveway using a saw-cutting machine. Alternatively, you might want to use snow-melting mats placed directly on top of the driveway. 

Нeated Driveway Contractors

Removing snow and ice from your driveway with a shovel isn’t easy, especially in regions with frequent snowfalls. The good news is that removing snow is no longer an issue with a radiant heating system installed beneath your driveway.

Heated driveways work like floor heating in your home — heating elements in the driveway heating system generate heat that immediately transfers to the driveway surface and melts snow buildup. 

Certified technicians at GTA Sunrise have the necessary skills and experience to install a heated driveway system of any type, saving you from doing the extra job of shoveling the snow during winter months. Everything you need to do is turn on the system and let it work.

We install heated driveways in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, ensuring that each square foot of your system works as it is supposed to.

Benefits of Heated Driveway in Toronto

With the city’s average winter snowfall of around 48 inches, installing a heated driveway in Toronto is a reasonable decision. Hydronic or electrical heating systems, as well as heated driveway mats, offer several decisive benefits:

 Saving Time and Effort

Like a floor heating system in your home, a heated interlock driveway generates heat, which efficiently removes snow, eliminating the need to spend time and effort on manual snow removal.

Extended Lifespan of a Driveway 

When water gets into the tiniest cracks in interlock or concrete driveways, it freezes and expands when the temperature drops, leading to surface damage. A heated driveway prevents damage by providing a constant source of heat.

Greater Safety

There is no need to explain how dangerous icy driveways can be. A heated concrete driveway or snow-melting mats help ensure a consistently clear path, reducing the risk of falls.

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Our Interlocking Services

Professional installation of snow melting systems is just a call away!

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