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Improve the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor space with landscape lighting and design services in Toronto & GTA. Enjoy custom design for your back/front yard light fixtures and accent lighting. 

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Professional Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting systems are a great investment and feature for your property. Accent lighting is an effective way to enhance and highlight the beauty of your landscaping while adding value to your home.

As experienced landscape lighting installers, our team provides high-quality installation services with a longevity guarantee. We will help you with a backyard makeover to spotlight the best aspects of your outdoor space. Bring your vision to life with landscape lighting in Toronto and GTA!

Our team has all the necessary skills, experience and equipment, and knows how to work with the latest lighting features and technologies!

By collaborating with GTA Sunrise, you can be confident in the quality of outdoor lighting services. Our team of installers specializes in completing jobs that perfectly suit your needs, preferences and budget.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Toronto and the GTA

Accent lighting is more than just lighting, it is an ideal option to improve and transform your outdoor space and the exterior of your home. 

Benefits of landscape lighting includes: 


  • Visual Appeal & Aesthetics. Accent lighting creates a unique and cozy atmosphere. You can choose different features for your project, be it unusual effects, shading or, conversely, brighter lighting of some elements of your back or front yard. This design approach is a great way to enhance the appeal and aesthetics of your home.
  • Increased Security. Lighting improves the safety of your home at night. Hiring exterior lighting installers can reduce the risk of criminal intrusion by making your property less accessible by brightening up darker corners, nooks and other areas where intruders could break in.
  • Nighttime Safety. When it comes to landscaping services, lighting plays an essential role. It’s not just about beauty, but also about safety. Lighting helps you navigate walkways, patios, and your yard comfortably at night, so you can benefit from increased safety by reducing the risk of injury due to poor visibility after sunset.

Our Landscape Lighting Services

We provide a full-service landscape lighting:

Our experts will create custom designs to illuminate your outdoor space exactly the way you want it, providing stunning accent lighting effects.

Lighting installation by a qualified team. Our crew is experienced and talented so you can be confident in the accuracy and quality of the work performed.

Benefit from professional maintenance and adjustment of your lighting system. Our maintenance services will ensure the flawless operation of your lighting fixtures!

Whether repairing damaged cables or replacing broken light fixtures, we provide repair services to maintain perfect lighting all year round.

Enjoy low voltage LEDs or add control to let your outdoor lights turn on and off at the right time to save energy.

Best Ideas How to Use Landscape Lighting

You can use different lighting ideas for your project. Popular accent lighting options include lights on trees, facades, or garden beds.
Tree lighting is a great way to add depth to your landscape. At the same time, lighting elements on the facade allow you to emphasize the features of the exterior, place accents on specific elements and highlight your home at night.
If you have a garden, lighting up your flower beds is a good idea as it not only prevents the risk of accidentally stepping on the flowers but also makes a wonderful decoration for your landscaping.
The main advantage of lighting services is customization. Choose a variety of places, lighting fixtures, and effects to turn your vision into reality. What’s more, you can enjoy low-voltage systems that waste up to 10 times less power, reducing costs.
Cooperate with professionals, our designers will gladly help you implement your best ideas and give sound advice!

Professional Landscape Lighting Installers in Toronto and the GTA

At GTA Sunrise, we consider design to be an art. For us, outdoor lighting isn’t just about placing fixtures – we go above and beyond to create dramatic effects, whether it’s diffuse lighting for a backyard walkway or a subtle cascading glow over a patio to achieve the perfect result!

Our team of experts designs, installs and maintains outdoor lighting. With enough experience and knowledge, we will make your outdoor space beautiful, enjoyable and safe! Over the years, we have achieved a high level of craftsmanship and completed many landscape lighting projects.

Our staff is made up of professional and licensed installers, managers and designers who will work with you on your project to create a design you will enjoy for years to come!

Landscape lighting is one of the best investments you can make to add value and comfort to your home. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

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