Stone work

Interlocking Driveway
Interlocked driveway is definitely a game changer in your house appearance. Gta Sunrise Team can provide you with the best variety of materials, designs and do it in accordance to code requirements and professional techniques. Paved Driveway is a great investment into your house pricing, great way of emphasizing your property or simply great in maintenance and lasting for long years.
Gta Sunrise also provide options with the permeable interlocking, just ask our representative for a consultation.
Interlocking Patio

When we talk about inner soul of your house we definitely mean your Patio area. Custom designed patio can go a long way in improving the appearance, functionality, value, and enjoyment of your property. Our team always willing to give your patio an impressive design and the best technique solution with a wide selection of outdoor kitchens, fire pits, gazebos or deck combinations.

Attractive interlocked patio will always emphasize your house uniqueness to your guests. Especially patio place will let you and your closest people to get together and catch a delight of spending the rest of the day in your personal paradise.
Fire Pit with Stone Pavers

If we talk about patio, we talk about fire pit. Don't you think that a simple fire pit can transform your backyard into a magic place. Spending night seating around the fire and admiring the atmosphere is exactly what you need. That's why we always happy to perform the best service to fulfill your needs. Just give us a call!

Outdoor kitchen

Another addition to your patio is Outdoor Kitchen. Place where you can make magic to your family and your guests. Custom built kitchen will make your home unique and exquisite.

GTA Sunrise Team will be able to provide you with the best materials and design for your kitchen. And make your experience enjoyable and unforgettable.


Need a fresh walkway Give us a Shout!
Walkways is the must have of your house. Especially, if you trying to give your property a fresh and undeniable look. Our team of Experts can provide you with the best design and work experience throughout the project. Walkway is the part of your house which catches the biggest attention of your guest, walkers or even mail guys. Your walkway is your outside soul and it has to be welcoming and eye-catching, that's why choosing GTA Sunrise would be a confident step to fulfill your needs.
We will handle your wishes just give us a call!

Steps are one of the assets in your home so why don't you make them useful and visually delightful? Steps could definitely refresh you home appeal and make your front way unique. Any type of steps could be done by our team, no matter if they are natural or fake, rounded or straight. Moreover, we could make your steps even more attractive! How? We could provide you options with custom railings and light installation!
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Flagstone Installation

Flagstone installation and repair are also services provided by GTA Sunrise. No matter how complicated is a scope of work with Flagstone our professionals will handle it.

Flagstone is natural stone what means it been cut and calibrated. However, there are two most popular types of Flagstone: random flagstone and calibrated & cut flagstones from Banas Stone. For random one you will not be able to find two similar pieces if the same color what is completely opposite to calibrated ones. Calibrated ones are easier to install and it will be easier to match your color and shape needs. Random flagstone is bought by weight and is mostly used for walkways, sidewalks and patio paving. All the flagstones designs could be provided by our Team and completed in the closest dates in our schedule.

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Retaining Walls Installation
In our times, retaining walls carry not only professional mission of holding an earth and properly drain water, but also could be an amazing visual structure which will emphasize your house in your neighborhood.
We can provide with any material, type and shape of Retaining Wall and get it done professionally according to all standards and code requirements. Moreover, except the vision part we will make your walls last forever.
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