Stone work

Interlocking Driveway
Interlocking driveway is one of essentials to make your house look attractive and eye-catching. Our driveways are built with extreme following of standards and building code requirements to make your driveway durable and avoid sinking in future.

GTA Sunrise Team provides the best quality of interlock, especially permeable interlock with higher drainage rate and flowing structure. Permeable interlock creates natural drainage and better water absorption what makes your driveway life longer. However, despite all pros permeable interlock has it cons, for instance weed growing, due to the fact that permeable interlock joints can’t be filled with polymeric sand because it won’t permeable the water, it requires other aggregates like regular sand to be filled up which literally lets weeds to grow through.
Our team experts highly recommend to use permeable interlock with a combination of grass, either in clay based soils areas or areas with large amount of water

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